TeraLogics performed a live demonstration of the Unified Video® (UV) system in Ukraine in November of 2016. When deployed on TeraLogics’ Atlas Baseband solution, the video streaming system can bring live video intelligence and enable real-time decision making at the tactical edge. The Atlas Baseband solution is a high-data rate, Full Motion Video (FMV) system that supports the backhaul, storage, reception, transrating/transcoding and overall management of real-time FMV over satellite. Activities during the visit included integration of video sources, examination of the C4ISR infrastructure managed at the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, live demonstration of the UV streaming software, and discussion of Atlas applications within the artillery brigades.

Prior to the demonstration, TeraLogics performed preliminary integration of video sources that were comprised of three Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and a stationary camera. The UAS included:

  • RQ-11B (Raven) manufactured by AeroVironment (U.S.A)
  • PD-1 manufactured by UkrSpecSystems (Ukraine)
  • Furia manufactured by Athlon-Avia (Ukraine)

The modular composition of the Atlas kit and the flexibility of the UV system resulted in successful integration with all video sources.

Based on the capabilities and knowledge gained from the November demonstrations, we recommended a two-component solution which lends itself to a systematic validation by the customer and the US-Ukraine Joint Commission, ensuring proper deployment that meets the requirements and expands command and control solutions against the hybrid threat in the eastern region of Ukraine.